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Chatbots are growing 3 times faster than apps, yet they lack fundamental infrastructures and crucial ecosystem which fuels the app and web industries, all of this is about to change - very soon!

BOTSON is coming

Chatbots are about to change forever, get your early access



We are studio of creative nerds which make web better. Squid artisan enamel pin fingerstache. Occupy neutra intelligentsia, retro bicycle rights banjo irony.

What We Do

Web Development

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Design and Art

Lyft franzen whatever paleo ethical, plaid XOXO hella dreamcatcher prism live-edge master cleanse pitchfork cardigan pabst.

High load projects

Woke leggings unicorn humblebrag. Plaid prism asymmetrical ugh single-origin coffee.


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You can contact us via email! We are ready to discuss cooperation and to listen to job offers!

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    +380 96 700 3467

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    Mykolaiv UA

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